Here in Maine and in other services areas across the country, Time Warner Cable is increasing rates for it's television services.  According to a letter sent out, beginning March 1st, rates will increase by 2.6 percent for most TMC customers.

Basic and standard video service will increase by $2.50 and customers with digital-only service will increase $5, which includes basic and standard service.  Customers with two or three services will see an increase of $3 and cable cards will increase from $2 to $2.50 per month.

Programming costs, especially those associated with local broadcast stations and national sports networks have increased dramatically, also investment in the "Time Warner network" has warranted an increase in customer's rates, according to a TWC spokesperson.

The increase in prices does not affect those that are taking advantage a any sort of TWC "promotional package".  Also, there will not be an increase in price for Time Warner Cable phone or internet service package.

Customers will get a notice informing them of the rate increases very soon.