I know in this day and age we are all running to keep up. In today's economy everyone is hurried and 5 people are expected to do the job of 10.  I feel your pain.  However, thinking that because everyone knows this so no one will judge you for a half-ass job is wrong. Think about one of the dozens of e-mails you sent in this past week at work. Did any of them have typos? Spelling errors? Was each of them concise and clear? Did they convey that you're a capable professional? Well guess what punctuation, spelling and grammar matter whether you like it or not.

Sending e-mails every day has become as routine as brushing our teeth. But that casualness also can mean that we send messages riddled with errors. Here are some things you can most likely do to improve:

  • Pause before hitting "send." Are you sure your e-mail is professional, accurate and free of spelling errors? While it's one thing to fire off a friendly e-mail to a co-worker about grabbing lunch, always keep in mind who is receiving your e-mail — and who it might be forwarded to.
  • Watch the fat thumbs. While it can be difficult to type without mistakes on your smartphone, you must try to make messages as error free as possible.
  • Curb the buzzwords. Half of the Fortune 500 communication professionals dislike buzzwords in communications but they often can be useful when you're establishing rapport with a colleague. Use them sparingly
  • Take time to proof your writing. Read over your e-mails before sending to make sure they're well done.