Yeah we remember the good times at the Drive-In!

It started out by packing a friend or two into the trunk so that they didn't have to pay.  The speaker box attached to your window would snap, crackle and pop with sound.  And, if you were lucky enough to be there with a pretty girl, you didn't see much of the movie.

The Drive-In was definitely an "experience."

There was the Bangor Drive-In out on Hammond Street which opened in 1954. There was the Brewer Drive-In on Wilson Street that operated right up til 1986.  And then there was the Trenton Drive-In on the Bar Harbor Road that seemed to die a long pro-longed death back in the 80s by showing "Deep Throat" for two continuous summers.

Drive-Ins still exist today here in Maine.  There's the Skowhegan Drive-In, the Saco Drive-In Theater, the Bridgton Drive-In Theater, Pride's Corner Drive-In in Westbrook and the Skylite Drive-In in Madawaska.