Merry Birthday Wes Craven!

Horror director Wes Craven is 74 today. The king of slasher films has over 30 titles on his filmography. Let's check out his best stuff!

1972 - Last House on the Left - Wes made his directing debut with this flick. It would be remade in 2009 featuring Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul.

1982 - The Swamp Thing - The comic book became a film. I always describe this movie as the mad scientist version of King Kong. Wes received a lot of positive reviews for his work adapting the comic books to film.

1977 - The Hills Have Eyes - This film originally revived an X rating from the MPAA for it's 'graphic moments.' The more intense gore was eddied out for an R rating. The footage is said to have been lost.

1984 - A Nightmare on Elm Street - Craven took to writing this film right after finishing The Swamp Thing. He had a budget of $1.8 million. My favorite part of this flick, baby faced Johnny Depp! It was his first on camera gig! The film was remade in 2010.

1996 - Scream - The one film turned into 4. The Scream series has grossed over $600 million. The big buzz of the film was its casting. It wasn't regular practice to have well known actors and actresses in horror films.