Flick chick here and I have to say that I am somewhat amazed at some of the films having made the top grossing lists on Box Office Mojo. Once again proving that just because it makes a lot of money it wasn't necessarily a great film.

From what I saw my top "Favorites" 5 list of the best would go:

As for the top grossers...

  • 1

    Iron Man 3

    I am thinking at this point we just can't help ourselves.  Or maybe Robert Downey Jr. has karma we not taking into account. By far not the best in the series, regardless, go RDJ!

  • 2

    Dispecable Me 2

    I am thinking the minions won this more than the rest of the group.  That said I did like it better than the first one.

  • 3

    The Hunger Games Catching Fire

    I was a little surprised this wasn't number one.  It was a good film and story with a very loyal following. Infact the only complaint I had is like all middle movies it leaves you hanging.

  • 4

    Man of Steel

    This was a nice remake. It seems that although we love the campier versions of our super heros a gritter and more realistic story is scratching today viewer just as much if not more so.

  • 5

    Monsters University

    Honestly, I thought this movie was so weak compared to the first movie which is a classic, my guess is that the franchise carried them in along with the fact there was nothing else to see.