We're very excited that both Lynyyd Skynyrd and Bad Company will be playing Bangor's Waterfront on Thursday night July 10th!

The English supergroup started out in 1973 and the following year saw their debut album "Bad Company" make it all the way to the top of Billboard's Hot 100 Album Chart!

The early 1970s were a very exciting time with classic rock coming into it's own.  It seemed like every week a new band debuted that got everyone excited, and Bad Company was certainly one of those bands.

The band features lead vocalist Paul Rodgers who was once voted the best singer in rock and roll, and for good reason. We are very fortunate to have an English rock band of this quality and with such a history coming to Bangor!


  • 1

    Can't Get Enough

    The song that put the band on the map!  Released in 1974 from their debut album "Bad Company!"

  • 2

    Bad Company

    The title track from their 1974 debut album.  The name wasn't very creative but it got the point across.

  • 3

    Feel Like Makin' Love

    From Bad Company's second album called "Straight Shooter" released in 1975.  By the end of the song one would think that someone felt like makin' love!

  • 4

    Rock n' Roll Fantasy

    The band had been together for a while when this song came out in 1979.  From the album Desolation Angels!  This video isn't very good, but it's shot from the front  row and does get one excited to see the Bangor show!

  • 5

    Shooting Star

    The ultimate rock and roll hero song, from the Straight Shooter album!

  • 6

    All Right Now

    An added bonus! Paul Rodgers recorded this song with a band called Free!  It's a big hit song and well recognizable!  Rodgers continues to perform this song with Bad Company!