The crazy weather Sunday yielded at least one confirmed tornado touchdown.

As it was soaking up the sun Sunday much of the state was watching some crazy weather. I have a camp up north on St. Froid Lake. I've seen golf ball sized hail, intense lightning and ear splitting thunder up there. The weather is pretty incredible in the county! I have severe weather updates sent to my phone so I can keep tabs on my camp. It was pretty strange seeing a tornado warning in effect for the area.

The National Weather Service has confirmed a tornado did touch down two miles north of Eagle Lake. The twister left a trail 80 yards long and nearly 50 yards wide. The tornado touched down at 3:05 Sunday afternoon with winds at about 70 MPH. There was no damage to any structures.

Records dating back to 1954 show a total of 27 other tornadoes have roared through the county. One F2 tornado in 1958 left a 17 mile track, stopping just shy of St. Froid Lake.