We already knew this of course!

It's safe to say winter has overstayed its welcome. I want summer! When we finally have warm weather nothing beats the Maine coast. Trip Adviser agrees! They listed a Maine beach as apart of their 'Best Beaches in the United States.'

Ogunquit Beach, in Ogunquit (durr) ranked #15 on the list of 24 other beaches. Florida had 10 beaches on the list, same for Hawaii. Lanikai Beach in Kailua, Hawaii topped the list while Navarre Beach in Navarre, Florida ranked 25th.
The list was made based on user ratings. Ogunquit Beach has been given over 380 'Excellent' ratings by travelers and only 2 'terrible' marks. They sighted beach fees and traffic congestion as concerns...hey, can't please all the flatlanders.
What's your favorite beach in Maine? Comment below!