The Navy's most technically advanced destroyer is almost ready to prowl.

Bath built, is best built! The USS Zumwalt is nearing completion at Bath Iron Works. The destroyer is a new class of high-tech. At $3.3 billion it better be! Named after Adm. Elmo R. 'Bud' Zumwalt Jr., the destroyer was christened by relatives Ann Zumwalt and Mouzetta Zumwalt-Weathers. Zumwalt is credited with tearing down gender and racial barriers in the Navy.

The ship is 90% complete, and loaded with incredible technology. The ship's canopy features a carbon fiber composite that makes the ship lighter. At 610 feet long and 81 feet wide, the ship is longer and thinner than any other Navy destroyer. Being this big could be a disadvantage, but the Zumwalt has a trick up it's sleeve.

The destroyer's canopy and rest of the ship is built on angles, giving it a radar signature comparable to a fishing boat!

That's not all the tech loaded on this bad boy! The ship's weapon system is capable of firing rocket powered, computer-guided shells, over 60 miles! That's is three-times farther than any other Navy destroyer. The new Advanced Gun System (AGS) can fire 80 missals including Tomahawk cruise missiles and Seasparrow surface to air missiles. Oh, almost forgot, the AGS is self-firing. No sailors are needed to load and remove missile shells.

The USS Zumwalt will undergo at-sea trials next spring.