This picture is of a vacation rental from Craig's list.  It's probably legit but let's face it anyone can post a picture.
One of my friends was looking to take a little vacation with her hubby and unfortunately, that desire came at an unreasonable price. Let me tell you upfront, she is smart and kind and trusting just like you and me and this could happen to anyone and does.  Here is what she posted on Facebook the other day:
"Warning to all who are planning a vacation... I rented a house in Key West from Vacation House Rentals listed on Craigs list Florida.  We got totally scammed and are S O L of ever recouping. Yep, and thank god we were checking on the Key West Chamber of Commerce for "fun things to do"... they posted a warning asking people who are renting to send them and email so they could check out the addresse...s etc.  The house I rented didn't exist.  If we hadn't checked, we would have arrived in Key West and taken a cab to a house that belonged to a private owner.  I have been researching and please be careful, it's country wide.  We are going to Key West anyway, thanks to the Chamber of Commerce and the Inn Keepers Association who put on the "A" game and found us some place to stay.  Look out Key West, we are still coming and we are going to have a GREAT time. To you to stole from us and other innocent people, how do you sleep at night?  You will have to answer to this in due time.  The Feds are looking for you.  The ride won't last forever.  Rot in Hell!!!"
I love this lady, she's not going to let the *!@# get her down.  but more than that she asked me to let you know about this so they can't do it to you. So remember the moral of this story is that if you are not going through a travel agent and plan on using an Internet list like Craig's list call the chamber or tourism bureau for that state and be sure you aren't being taken.