Vicki Monroe of Kennebunk is a psychic medium and she has recently taken her special skill to TV!

"Cell Block Psychic" is a show on the Investigation Discovery Network (ID), and you can check out Vicki Monroe's show this Friday night at 7PM, if you haven't already.

The premise of the show involves Monroe trying to obtain answers for families of murdered victims. In the show she visits jails and prisons and talks to the murderers themselves.The show's website says that Monroe "brings closure to families."   Monroe says that this is "a good opportunity to help people."

Vicki Monroe has been hearing and seeing spirits since she was 3 years old.  She says that she see spirits everywhere she goes and purposely stays away from crowded places like malls because of it.

Beginning late last year, Monroe traveled the country filming episodes of Cell Block Physic and filming ended in January. The final show of the season is this Friday night but if you've missed previous episodes you can see them on Discovery ID pretty constantly.

You can connect with Vicki Monroe via Twitter, Facebook or at her website.