It's the end of the road for the VW Bus.

You may have thought the iconic vehicle has been long since halted. Your wrong! In Brazil, the last production facility in the world is still producing the hippie mobile. However, due to saftey regulations the plant is set to end its production line.

Brazil has mandated that all vehicles produced must have air-bags and anti-lock breaking systems. The company says it can't make the changes to meet the new law. The requirements go into effect December 31st. The plant will continue making the buses until the effective date.

Even with production officially ending, there will still be plenty on the road. Over the 63 years of production VW has produced over 10 million buses worldwide. Germany halted it's production of the vehicle back in 1979 because of European road requirements.

The last plant producing the vehicle (other than Brazil) was in Mexico, it closed down in 1995.