Can't find the Stephen King mini-series "Under The Dome" or "60 Minutes' on your TV?  It's now been two weeks since two Bangor television stations, TV5 and The CW, were removed from the DISH Network's channel lineup. And, it looks as though contract negotiations between the two entities remain at a stalemate with limited communication.

In a press release from WABI TV 5 yesterday, General Manager Mike Young stated, "We do not know when-or even if-the impasse will be resolved. As we have previously stated, resolution will require fair compromise from DISH on conditions they wish to impose on us in the new agreement."

Young went on to call the conditions "unprecedented demands".  He also said that his company is "prepared to negotiate rates", and that rates are not the issue that led to the impasse.

DISH Network on the other hand is currently advertising a full page spread in the Bangor Daily News that Channel 5 wants you to pay 6x more for it's service.

TV5 GM mike Young went on to say that, "we are at a stalemate, and you may want to give serious consideration to exploring your options."

TV5 is the local CBS TV affiliate.

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You can also call WABI TV5 at 947-8321 and the DISH Network at 1-800-333-DISH (3474).