Little Peters Words of Wisdom video series has been taking the internet by storm, or at least here in Maine!  This past Friday night Peters joined Maine comedian Bob Marley onstage at the Collins Center For The Arts in Orono, and it was funny!

Justin ‘Little’ Peters of Winn, Maine, had never been onstage in front of an audience that size before, but he pulled it off big time in his dealings with the seasoned comedian.  Hear them talk about Moxie and how Peter's favorite expression "feedin' 'er the corn" came about.

If you've been following Little Peters you'll take notice of something new, he now has a beard!  Hear the two talk about that, too.

The video was shot by his brother Devin, and is not of very good quality, but the down home Maine laughs are!

Don't know much about Little Peters?  Then check out one of his most popular videos below, and get a lesson on how to cut wood for a living!