Is it really the sound, or the artists?

It was a quite the workshop last night as the Bangor City Counsel invited residents to voice their opinions on the noise on the waterfront. Some say the loud music is disturbing their quality of life. Others say the roar of the speakers is a part of the appeal.

The meeting was called after Waterfront Concerts received 25 sound complaints on July 17th Mayhem Festival.

Concert promoter Alex Gray cites 'taste intolerance' as the root of the complaints. In the meeting he used the 2011 Reba McEntire country show as an example. The show was the loudest on the waterfront so far, it received fewest complaints.

Sunday night's Barenaked Ladies show fielded nine complaints. More are expected tonight with hip-hop artist Lil Wayne taking the stage.

City officials are asking those with sound complaints to call Bangor's Parks and Rec Department rather than City Hall or the police. The number is 992-4490.