In my 53 years here I am amazed at the changes in inventions and technology that have changed the way we live…the way I live. Recently, Peterborough-based Hotpoint surveyed 2,000 adults about the inventions and technology that had changed their lives.

I couldn’t have agreed more that the washing machine deserves one of the top spots.  I’d also have a hard time living without my TV, and refrigerator. And of late my DVR is my new most used and favorite tech add-on to my home. So how did the list shake out you ask? Well here you go.


1. Broadband

2. The Internet

3. Washing machine

4. Email

5. Fridge

6. Freezer

7. Microwave

8. Dishwasher

9. Kettle

10. Satellite TV

11. Double glazed windows

12. Glasses

13. iPad

14. DVR

15. iPhone

16. Satnav

17. Facebook

18. Printer

19. Tumble dryer

20. Toaster

21. Kindle

22. Hair straighteners

23. Contact lenses

24. Electric toothbrush

25. HD TV

26. Coffee machine

27. Digital radio

28. Air conditioning

29. Electric razor

30. Blackberry

Two things strike me as funny 1)indoor plumbing didn't make the list...hello! and 2) some people who took part in the survey said they change their partner more often than their appliances. Would you add anything to their list? Feel free to click the Facebook link and comment and I’ll add it to the post:)D

The research into people’s use of technology in the home was conducted by Hotpoint as part of their study into the nation’s Home IQ.