Think hearing that classic hit brings back memories of a certain age.  You're right!New research shows that our brain remembers those songs that we heard as teenagers more so than anything that we hear as adults, and it's a connection that doesn't weaken with age.

So as we get older, learn and remember more, our brains remain focused on those songs of our adolescent years.

Nope, you ain't gonna be able to hit the "clear button" and erase those memories!

Throughout my "formative" years "Freebird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd was very popular.  It was our class song when I graduated in 1977.  So whenever I hear it the memories come streaming back, stuff like that girl I had a crush on, my first car, and running wild.

What song brings back the most memories for you?

Let me know and why in THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW or on the I-95 FACEBOOK PAGE and I may play your song on air!