If you can make it happen, wait to buy a few things until after Christmas is over. Big time sales kick in on a few items, like:

  • Big name TVs and Electronics: If you're looking for top-brand TVs or TVs with extra features, the best time to buy is February or March.
  • Winter Wear: Bigger and better discounts happen immediately after Christmas. (That’s because retailers have to clear out winter merchandise quickly to get ready for the influx of spring clothes.)
  • Furniture: Furniture makers release new models in February, so stores need to make room in advance. January is an excellent time to get good discounts.
  • Christmas Decorations: You might not be thinking of stocking up on holiday decor just after Christmas — but that's the best time to do it. Christmas decor is usually 75 percent off after Christmas.

Good reason to give gift certificates for these types of things..at the very least save your receipts.