Last month the folks at Radio Shack said that they'd soon be closing 500 "poorly performing" stores nationwide.  Now, Radio Shack says that sales are down 20 percent and that they'll be closing 11-hundred stores.

No word yet if any of the Radio Shacks in our area will close.  Radio Shack has a long standing tradition at both Bangor Mall and Airport Mall,  and at the Maine Coast Mall in Ellsworth.

Officials at the Shack say that the closures are in part because of weak sales in their cell phone department. Yes, there is certainly a lot of competition there!

If you listen to Conan O'Brien from last night's show, it sounds like they have an image problem.  Click below to listen.

They're now looking for something else to "drive business" to their stores.  What do you think that something else would be?  Yes, maybe you can SAVE RADIO SHACK!  Let me know in the COMMENTS section below or on the I-95 Facebook page!