You’ve heard the phrase “Give it a rest” but there a lot of things Americans won’t give up no matter what.

Sachs Media Group’s latest survey of 1,000 respondents to see how attached people are to their everyday comforts like electronics, beverages and sex, and the results aren’t all that surprising, although there is no one favorite addiction men and women were on completely different pages...what a surprise.

-- Here’s what men wouldn’t relinquish for a week:

Alcohol - 26 percent
Caffeine - 23 percent
Smart Phone or Tablet – 21 percent
Sex - 20 percent
Other - Ten percent





-- Women had decidedly different opinions about what they won’t give up for a week:

Caffeine - 34 percent
Smart Phone or Tablet - 34 percent
Alcohol - 20 percent
Other- Seven percent
Sex - Five percent

-- Finally, and I found this quite interesting, the Sachs Media Group broke down preferences into age categories as far what people can’t do without for a week:

18-34 - Smart Phone or Tablet was tops at 30 percent.
35-49 - Smart Phone or Tablet was number one with 30 percent.
50-64 - Caffeine was the leader at 33 percent.
65+ - Caffeine was the runaway winner at 46 percent.

Apparently the older we get the more tired we are and the ore stuff we have to do:)