Did you know over 5000 personality traits can be shown through your penmanship? It can even help doctors track and diagnose diseases.

According to pens.com here are a few things to think about:

If you printing is:

  • Large: means you are outgoing, people oriented, out spoken and love attention.
  • Small: shows you are shy, studious, concentrated and meticulous
  • Average: shows you are well adjusted and adaptable

Spacing between your words:

  • Wide shows you enjoy your freedom and don’t like to be crowded
  • Narrow shows you don’t like to be alone you can also tend to be intrusive and crowd people

If your letters slant…

  • Right you are open to new experiences
  • Left you tend to keep you yourself
  • No slant you are Logical and practical and don’t let you emotions get the better of you.

The shape of your letters …

  • Round letters say you are creative and artistic
  • Pointy  letters say you are Aggressive, intelligent and curious
  • Connected letters say  you are logical, systematic and make careful decisions

Your looping says…

  • Narrow “L” you may be restricted
  • Wide “L” you are relaxed and spontaneous
  • Narrow “E” says you are skeptical
  • Wide”E” says you are open minded and enjoy new things

Dotting your I says

  • High shows great imagination
  • Slash shows overly self-critical, not a lot of patience
  • Circle show vision and childlikeness
  • Close to the I shows detailed –oriented and organized
  • To the left shows you tend to procrastinate

Crossing your “T

  • At the very top says you are ambitious and optimistic
  • Long crosses show determination and stubbornness
  • Middle crosses say you are confident
  • Short crosses say you could be lazy

What do you think?  Did they get the study right??