Is it just me or are you noticing it too?  People walking their dogs.  It seems this summer that the process has picked up in popularity, especially with girls....or maybe I just notice them more.

It was just a few years ago that walking "Poochie" was a big time hassle.  When the smelly furball scratched at the door you'd open it just enough to throw its stinky butt out into the cold to do his duty.  Now, look on any sidewalk in Ellsworth at dusk and I bet you can count at least four sets of doggie strollers within a one mile stretch.  Look in any Bangor city park, Dirigo Drive in Brewer, they're there!  In mass quantities!  Joggers with Huskies, walkers with Black Labs, Chocolate Labs, and lap dogs that can't keep up.  Even the Duchess of Cambridge is doing it!  And every one's carry a baggie!  Man....that's another story.


What's going on?  Are we all on a health kick?  Are we afraid of a fat Fido?  Yeah, I see the old guys out there with their limping best friends sniffing the garbage can out by the Middle School on a Saturday morning, this I can understand.  But now the BarkMeister has turned into a trend setting "pick me up".  The "in" thing to do, the "look at me"  lure of the moment.  I have only one piece of advice, if you're on foot behind this duo, after looking at them, look down before you step.

By the way, Doogie Doo hopes that this trend continues.  It's better than staring at a sleeping house cat all day.