Boy, does this story raise a lot of questions in my mind.  Here is the tale.  I’m sure most of you know the story of the Nevada 12 year old boy who came into a class with Ruger 9mm semi automatic and killed  a teacher, wounded others and then killed himself. Police are not implying that the parents of that boy could face charges if the gun is found to have come from their home.

Now there are also allegations that other students bullied this boy.  One of his fellow students told police“, "I saw kids pushing him around and doing a lot of mean things to him."

Now it is up to their local prosecutors to decide if the parents will be charged but what about the parents who’s contribution to this tragedy was a bullying kid?

The child’s name has been withheld in this case to protect his grieving family.

So who is responsible? Who goes to jail? Please click the Facebook icon  link and give me your opinion if you have one.