An evening of fishing was planned and Sara, a 13 year old girl with autism, reluctantly agreed to go. Sara, a slight, petite young girl quickly became quite successful at catching Sunfish. Her worm barely hit the water when she came up with another sunny! “I’m the Queen Fisherman!” she proudly announced to everyone. Suddenly she began screaming, crying, or was it?  Was she screaming, crying, yelling, was it fear? Or excitement???   It was very hard to tell just what was going on---- but it soon became obvious that she didn’t have just a little Sunfish on her line ----she had something BIG!!! There she was, her fishing pole slung over her shoulder and looking much like she was pulling in the boat anchor and not some fish.  The pole was bent clear down to the deck of the boat.  The other kids were now cheering  with excitement  and all rushing to see what Sara was so panicked  about!  “Get the net, Get the net!!!”  the kids screamed!  Sara, still hanging onto the pole for all she was worth, still screaming and crying ---somehow managed to pull the fish onto the boat deck  ---a 3 pound small mouth Bass ---a VERY good fish by anyone’s standards!  Sara threw the pole to the boat deck,  mad as a wet hen!

 “ I only wanted to catch the little ones!” she yelled !

For the rest of the week the kids all talked about Sara’s BIG fish story and by the time Friday came, Sara was quite proud to have won the “Queen  fisherman of the week award.”

Truly a Camp CaPella moment that will be a part of Sara’s childhood memories for the rest of her life.

That’s the kind of wonderful place Camp CaPella is and that the kind of resource we have here for children with many disabilities.

Camp CaPella is a privately funded non-profit that I-95 helps with fundraising whenever we can.  Here are all the ways to help and show your support:

  • The 3rd Annual I-95 Camp CaPella-Thon runs from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday, June 27. During that time, you can make your donation by calling 991-9713 or at our website.Listen for different prizes every hour! Make a donation and qualify for that hour’s prize!
  • Look for CaPella-Thon Donation Jars at local NAPA Auto Parts stores in Ellsworth, Blue Hill, Milbridge, Southwest Harbor, Machias and Belfast.
  • The I-95 Classic Drive - Classic cars, motorcycles and everybody else too is invited to cruise with I-95 down Route 1A between our radio station here at 49 Acme Road in Brewer and NAPA Auto parts on Route 1 in Ellsworth. Our CaPella Caravan will have a police escort all the way. All you have to do is show up that morning. We’ll be meeting at the radio station at 8:30 a.m. and depart for NAPA at 9 a.m. There’s no obligation whatsoever. When we get to NAPA, there will be a cook out and a big sale. Plus, all car owners will be in the running for great prizes!
  • Benefit Golf Tournament It’s a “9 Hole Scramble” with a 9am Shotgun Start at the beautiful Lucerne Inn Golf Course!  The cost is $200 for a team of four, only a $50 donation per person and that includes a golf cart too!  There will be two holes where if you get a “hole in one”, you’ll win $5000! After the tournament there will be a complimentary BBQ right down the hill at Camp CaPella on the shore of Phillips Lake!  During the BBQ they’ll hold a “Chipping For Kids” contest at a $1 per ball, get the ball in the tub of water and win a great prize! Interested?  Call Heidi at Camp CaPella at 843-5104, or email her at