He's a lumberjack and he's better than O.K. apparently. According to studies, chopping wood makes a guy feel more manly than scoring the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. University of California, Santa Barbara researchers claim that doing what lumberjacks do best increases testosterone on an incredible level.

Medical science has known for years that competitive sports increase testosterone, in essence making that guy who plays football feel more manly than most. However, scientists have tried seeing how certain other productive and non-competitive activities fare in comparison. The indigenous Tsimane people in central Bolivia were used in the experiment to see how much testosterone was released when they cut down trees. The result of the test in Bolivia was that lumberjacks tend to feel more manly than men playing a game of soccer (or football in countries outside the US). Testosterone levels were shown to be 17 percent higher.
Increased testosterone can also increase muscle and bone health, warding off depression and osteoporosis. Even women can benefit from this for better health overall. Don’t worry if you’re in a place devoid of available trees though. Weight lifting has almost the same effect as chopping wood. You don’t have to be a lumberjack to feel more manly; just push yourself physically.