Here are some reasons you may be tasty to your neighborhood mosquitoes:

  • How much alcohol you drink - According to one study, just one bottle of beer can increase your appeal in the insect world.
  • How pregnant you are - It's just one more discomfort for moms-to-be, but pregnant women get about twice as many bites as other people. That's probably because they're about a degree warmer, and exhale 21% more carbon dioxide.
  • What blood type you are: -Type O? You get bitten about twice as much as Type A, and Type B is somewhere in the middle ground.
  • How much you exercise - Working out builds up lactic acid in your sweat and body heat, making you all the more tasty.
  • What you're wearing - Skeeters are also looking for you, so wearing eye-catching colors such as black, navy, or red make you stand out, according to one entomologist.