For the record I am not a huge fan of needless change and although I always thought the iron was a little strange, there ain't nothin' wrong with that. Or so I thought. What Hasbro did, for marketing reasons I am sure, was have folks vote for their favorite token and then the least av was released and we picked a "better" one. Enter the cat.
I think the most amazing thing about the Monopoly phenomenon isn't cat verse iron, it is how many versions of the game exist. Thanks to the folks at the Calendar store at the Bangor Mall I've seen:

  • Poodle-opoly
  • San Francisco-opoly
  • Westie-opoly
  • Volo-poly
  • Beatles-opoly
  • Rolling Stones-opoly
  • Christmas-opoly
  • Horse-opoly
  • Ocean-opoly
  • Cowboy-opoly
  • Beaver-opoly
  • UK-opoly
  • Lighthouse-opoly
  • Chicago-opoly
  • Travel-opoly
  • DrWho-opoly
  • Texas-opoly
  • The Office-opoly
  • Elvis-opoly

And that isn’t even scratching the surface, the list goes on and on.

Once a man  made the most expensive version of the game was produced by celebrated San Francisco jeweler Sidney Mobell. Valued at $2 million, the set fea tures a 23-carat gold board and diamond-studded dice.
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