This is an interesting and somewhat scary idea. The Armed Citizen Project, currently operating in Texas and Florida are looking to give free firearms to people in 15 U.S. cities siting high crime levels for a monetary donation by years end.

A group spokesperson has added that even if people can't afford to contribute, they can still receive a free shotgun.

In a recent interview organization founder, Kyle Coplen explained why he is enthusiastic about the training provided by the Armed Citizen Project:

I’m a constitutionalists, and I take pride in helping to create the next generation of freedom-loving Americans who are trained to use a shotgun and to understand and appreciate the Second Amendment of our Constitution. The training we provide with the shotgun helps to make the Second Amendment tangible, and we see the shotgun as a “gateway weapon” that opens up the possibility for citizens to learn how to use a handgun, to get a concealed handgun license, and even to learn how to use a semi-automatic weapon.

The training process is very thorough. Coplen assured reporters that each resident to be trained must first pass the standard background check, and the subsequent training in ownership and responsible use of firearms is conducted by experts:

It costs the organization about $300 to arm and train an individual and about $20,000 for an entire neighborhood. All costs are paid through donations, said Coplen, though he declined to say how much his organization has raised so far.

And according to Ron Ritter, the Florida's chapter president, The Armed Citizen Project's mission is to offer protection to homeowners, adding that when a home is being invaded, "There's a difference between how long it takes for the police to get there, and how fast my bullet can get there."

As far as the legality of distributing free shotguns is concerned, Ritter contends the group is breaking no Florida laws because the firearms were being transferred by dealers with a Federal Firearms License.