I don't think anyone in this day and age would argue the divorce rate is high.  Even though, I don't think that most people enter into the agreement lightly.  So what happens? Perhaps it is just life, after all people change over time, right?  So what is the solution?  Enter the new trend in marriage contracts the "Lifestyle Clause" Or as I like to call it the deal breaker list.

Now you may ask, so what is the difference between a lifestyle clause and a prenup?

A Mass. Attorney from Army & Lee, P.C. recently blogged his thoughts:

While a prenup has traditionally been designed to protect the assets that a spouse brings into the marriage in the event of a divorce, there appears to be a possible new trend in prenuptial agreements. This is a lifestyle clause, which restricts one or both spouses' behavior during the marriage. Any violation of this clause may result in divorce.

Couples use lifestyle clauses to cover a range of behaviors that can be deal breakers in a marriage. One spouse can stipulate how many cats the other spouse is allowed to have. Lifestyle clauses can determine when in-laws are allowed to come along with the couple on vacation. One couple used a lifestyle clause to set weight limits. If one spouse goes over the specified weight, he or she owes the other spouse $10,000 if there is a divorce.

Couples can use them to address personality quirks that may seem endearing now, but may become irritating down the road. They also use them to control annoying habits before the marriage even starts.