We are lucky in Bangor we have a great dog park and lots of places that you can take your best friend with you. However if your dog can be a little unsure of strangers especially with kids I think this is a fantastic idea. There is a new initiative for folks whose dogs that may not be immediately child or people friendly to have a yellow ribbon on their collar or leash to alert parents and kids to a sensitive dog and hopefully avoid a scare of bite.

It isn’t that farfetched, no pun intended, because often a child will see a beautiful dog in the distance and go running up to it abruptly.  By teaching them to look for the yellow ribbon which indicated approach with caution, when heeded will save them, the dog, the owner and yourself some real hurt and embarrassment.

The Yellow Dog Project is a nonprofit organization that is a global effort to help raise awareness and education around dogs that require a little extra distance upon approaching.  Does this mean that the dog is aggressive or mean?  No, there are numerous reasons why a dog may have a yellow ribbon. It may mean the dog is new with the handler, is under medical care, or in foster care for instance.

The purpose of this project is to assist with the proper techniques to approach a dog. Children have a lot of energy and often to run up and pet a dog. Not all dogs understand this and can become fearful.  With proper education, all parties are put in a less stressful environment, which in turn reduces opportunities for an unforeseen accident.