Yet another fire in Lewiston this morning, the third in fire in eight days.This time fire consumed three different buildings, including two vacant four story apartment buildings.  The buildings are located Bartlett and Horton Streets.  At this point it's unclear how many people were displaced from the Horton Street complex.

It took weary Lewiston firefighters nearly four hours to get the blaze under control.  Police and other investigators are currently questioning two people in their efforts to discover if the blaze was set intentionally.

Last Monday, a fire destroyed three buildings after a 12 year old boy allegedly set a fire there in a recently condemned nine-unit complex at 105-111 Blake Street.  Seventy five people lost their homes in that fire.

Then this past Friday, another fire was set to more apartment complexes on Bartlett Street, that fire was allegedly set by a different 12 year old boy.

Resident Jenn Ahlberg told the Portland Press Herald, "It makes me wonder which building is going to be next.  I'm afraid. I'm afraid for my city."