Here we go again.  If you're a DirecTV customer here in the Bangor area you may lose WLBZ Channel 2 from your channel lineup at midnight on Friday November 30th.

Gannett Company, the owners of WLBZ Channel 2, and DirecTV of El Segundo California, have been busily at work lately trying to reach an agreement.  Both companies of course say that you the customer/viewer are their most important concern, but once again, two media companies are putting you in the middle of negotiations.

WLBZ mentions that DirecTV's demands are not in line with the "fair market value", and that this past October they were able to reach an agreement with DISH Network.  They also give their viewers directions on how to receive their broadcast from other sources other than DirecTV. DirecTV pretty much calls WLBZ's demands unreasonable.

Both companies tell their viewers to complain to the opponent.  Once again we're stuck in the middle.

Will DirecTV give their thousands of customers in this area a discount when Channel 2 disappears this Friday night...I don't think so.  Will WLBZ give their paying clients a discount when DirecTV viewers in the Bangor market can't see their commercials....I doubt it.

Hopefully unlike the negotiations that went on back in June between WABI TV5 and DirecTV, where the signal was actually removed, customers and viewers will not be put in the middle of this.  Unlike what they say in the press releases, this process doesn't make me feel important, it makes me feel like a pawn.