Wynter Przybylski, a first grader at Brewer Community School continues her fight with leukemia and she continues to do it with a smile on her face.

The little girl who likes anything pink, purple and sparkly is currently at Eastern Maine Medical Center and is going through a round of "aggressive chemotherapy."   The first round didn't work, and we're really hoping that this next round puts her into remission.

Earlier during a stay at a Portland hospital a tumor was discovered on Wynter's spine.  The tumor caused a "spinal stroke" and Wynter lost the use of her legs. Doctor's were able to successfully remove the tumor but Wynter still cannot use her legs.

In a report on WABI TV, Wynter's mother, a teary Lisa Przybylski said that "this was not expected", that this all happened "out of the blue".

One can only wonder how one can keep the strength, but they do.  Wynter's parents say that she smiles everyday and that the community is really coming together to help out.

There are various fundraising events going on to help out!  Here's just a few ways that you can help!

An account has been set up at the Brewer Federal Credit Union.  Make a donation, just stop by!

This coming Monday, April 14th, the Brewer Dairy Queen will donate 25% of all sales!  Stop by and have an ice cream!

There is a continuous bottle drive for Wynter going on at the Brewer Redemption Center and also at the Brewer Rec Center.

 More events and up to date details are located on the "Cancer Messed With The Wrong Girl" website. Please read about this hometown girl and hope for her recovery.