This Sunday, June 23rd, the Bangor Waterfront comes alive with Pints & Pups!

Pints & Pups is a big-time, family-friendly party for dog lovers and their best friends.  There will be plenty of food and drink, live music, a dog costume contest and area shelters presenting dogs available for adoption.

So far, the National Weather Service is calling for a mostly sunny day, so it's a great opportunity to bring your dog to the Bangor Waterfront for an afternoon of food, drink and fun!

Here's the top five reasons why your dog wants to attend Pints & Pups.

  1. There will be food trucks there.  That means someone is going to eat, which means that he is going to eat as well. Because really, who can resist those puppy dog eyes, as well as a food truck?
  2. Dogs are almost always happy, and Pints & Pups will offer up some of the best brew in the area, so your dog knows that you’ll be very happy as well. Your dog thinks it’s about time.
  3. Pints & Pups will offer a fenced in dog park on the Bangor Waterfront so that your dog can run free and sniff as many butts as his big ‘ol dog heart desires.
  4. There’s going to be an Adoptable Dog Runway Show presented by various local animal shelters at 3 p.m that day, so he’s planning on taking a seat and discreetly checking out the participants.
  5. Your dog is already dressed to go.

Tickets are only $5 (dogs are free) and can be purchased online, at the door, or at Damon's Beverage in the Penobscot Plaza, Bangor.

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