After a brief beta testing the new app 'Alexa Guard' is being offered to users in the U.S. free. This app allows you to have your Echo speaker listen for sounds that might imply there is something wrong going on in your home, i.e. breaking glass. Written up recently in The Verge when Alexa hears anything that doesn’t sound quite right she’ll send you an alert giving you a sample of the sound she heard. Personally I think since Alexa has proved she can bark like a dog it would be good if she started barking or maybe you could tell her to if you thought it was warranted. But I digress, another feature if you own an Echo that contains a camera she can also send an image. However this is a notification not a security system, like a friendly dog it will just watch the burglar take you stuff while it eats a ham sandwich, it’s up to you to call in authorities. That said, the company does say that this function is also set up to work in tandem with their home security system called ‘Ring’ or ADT.

Here is a more detailed description for you.

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