We are heading into some pretty cold weather. Bangor doesn't want anyone on the streets and they are helping anyway they can.

Police in Bangor are going around and trying to figure out how to get people off the streets before winter sets in. According to the Bangor Daily News, one man on the street could go to Connecticut to stay in a place his sister had secured. Not really a warm place, but it is a place off the streets. To help him, the police bought a bus ticket for him.

Police and public health officials want to get those without a roof over their head to warmer climates. But they aren't just looking to ship those who can't find room in shelters in Bangor, off to other states - they won't send them anywhere unless they have a place to stay.

In less than two months, Bangor has bought nine bus tickets for people spending around 1400 dollars. Bangor has helped people get to warmers states...including California. In most cases, these aren't Mainers...they are people who ended up in Bangor for all sorts of reasons. Often they go to the police looking for help.

And the Bangor police are just trying to help people not be outside in Maine in the winter.

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