Some missed connection posts are just too strange to take seriously. But some guy in Bangor is serious about how his burger is made and very grateful to the man who made his beautiful McDoubles.

This 'Missed Connection' was posted on Craigslist on May 19th. It gave me a good laugh and made me crave 3 McDoubles! The post from a man convinced his burger maker is his possible soulmate read:

 Dear man handling my burger,
I came through drive through today and ordered a few McDoubles. To my surprise as I opened each burger it was perfectly assembled. Each pickle was equally spaced apart, a perfect amount of onions centered on the top patty of meat and an adequate amount of ketchup and mustard. But most surprising of all the cheese wasn’t on top of the bun. It was fresh and made my day. I think we may have had a blind connection as you gazed deeply over the food order screen. You must have been thinking, ‘This must be a very desirable man. He orders three McDoubles and a bottle of water. Some day I will meet such a man who will make my dreams come true. I will make him breakfast McDoubles and bring them up to him in bed.’ I too felt this passionate bond between us. Each McDouble I slowly unwrapped was more climactic than the last. The freshness of the meat and the attention to detail gave me a flavor explosion, in my mouth. We will meet again, I just know it. Until then you need to know you made my day.


I truly hope they do meet again and create a life long friendship, or at least a life time of great burgers!

See the original post here.