After removing them for the winter, it was announced that the umbrellas would be back this Summer. Mid-May, crews worked to once again hang the orange, green and blue upside-down umbrellas in their spots above Cross Street.

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The colorful components that make up the "Umbrella Sky" art installation were initially installed last year, creating a whimsical backdrop that ran along the side street.

Umbrella 12, Zak Hauger
Umbrella 12, Zak Hauger

The idea behind the installation was to create an Instagram-worthy spot for folks to visit in the Downtown area, inviting people to venture up and into a part of Bangor that might have been a little bit off the beaten path, to Columbia Street.

By the beginning of fall, several of the umbrellas were looking a little worse for the wear, as a result of multiple windstorms that had hit the Bangor area.

Just before the winter came, the umbrellas were taken down for the season, to be repaired.

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This year there are more umbrellas, and a couple of other sweet features added to the display, including a couple of upside-down umbrella benches.

According to a recent post from Downtown Bangor on social media:

"The Umbrella Sky installation runs from mid-May to mid-October on Cross Street in downtown Bangor and this year Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center and Downtown Bangor are bringing you an expanded umbrella canopy along with additional whimsical touches like upside-down umbrella benches and flower planters...."

Michael Hallahan
Michael Hallahan

"The motto is to color life, bring color to the gray spaces of the city and make the ones who pass by smile,” according to promotional material from Impactplan, the creative agency behind the umbrellas. “A simple idea that brings life and protection to public spaces and at the same time transports us to a fantasy world."

You can check out the exhibit all summer long.

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