Over the past year and half, maybe you've found yourself outside a lot more, taking in the beauty of nature that your home state has to offer. Perhaps you've been able to reconnect with our wild surroundings in a way that makes you appreciate the nature that you live in on a daily basis that you hadn't really paid attention to too much before.

And, maybe you've shared this with your littles, having nature walks to pass the time which turned into a time of wonder intended for your kids but now for you as well.

Here's your chance to have another taste of the wonder with your kiddos by checking out a Bangor area location that is all about the wonders of nature, perhaps before that ticking clock of school break is coming closer to an end.

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The Fields Pond Audubon Center in Orrington is hosting a free event to get the family together and come outside one more time before school starts and to rekindle a little wonder for yourself, too.

This Saturday, August 28th  Audubon Center will be hosting a a butterfly festival. Get dressed up as your favorite butterfly and try to find the over 20 species of butterflies flittering around the center.

The event will start at 10 AM with a Butterfly Parade kicking off at 1 PM for all those who came dressed as a beautiful butterfly. Everything wraps up at 2 PM but there are lots of ongoing events centered around butterflies that will be an incredible opportunity for your kiddos to learn about butterflies and insects.

Ongoing events include Monarch butterfly tagging, Insect BioBlitz, butterfly crafts and more.

Check out more details about this event at the Fields Pond Audubon Center event page ' Fields Pond Butterfly Festival' and start planning which butterfly you're going to dress up as.

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