Okay, the sand castles we made as kids never turned out like these.

If we were lucky, we managed to stack two buckets of sand on top of each other without the whole thing collapsing into the moat full of hermit crabs we collected. Maybe we just stunk at making sand castles, though.

Anyways, building sand castles brings back fond memories of beach vacations, so we searched the entire Internet to find the coolest sand sculptures ever as we prepare for the Darling's Sun of Beach Festival on Aug. 11 on the Bangor waterfront.

Plus, it's Shark Week, so staying out of the water seems like a good idea.

Changes in Latitudes, the ultimate Jimmy Buffett tribute band, will headline the festival, which will also feature the Calypso Cowboys and the Atlantic Clarion Steel Band. Gates open at 2 p.m. and the music goes unitl 9 p.m.

Early bird tickets are available for $15, but act fast because they go up to $20 on the day of the show!


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