In this edition of JStew & Cori's "Weekly Web Wonder", we get a little wild! Actually, we get a LOT wild. Because when you mix animal sounds, which in an of themselves are pretty cool and interesting, with heavy metal, which in an of itself is pretty intense, the result is interesting, to say the least, and someone awesome, to say the best.

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Cori: As most people by now, I am familiar with the concept of piecing together some animal sounds into songs. The Taylor Swift Screaming Goats compilations that litter the web was my first introduction to this concept. But this...well...this is a little different.

It all started when JStew sent me a video that someone had made that incorporated a pig-calling contest into a metal song! It was actually really creative and kind of hilarious. Then, as we often do, we began to rabbit-hole down a pretty strange path.

JStew: This all started for me back several years ago, when someone sent me the "Death Metal Rooster" video, with a message saying, "I want to drink beer with this rooster." Honestly, I couldn't agree more. And, let's face it, that rooster has more stage presence than half the schmucks you see fronting metal bands on the Bangor Waterfront. But the pig calling contest was just over the top. So that's why we thought we'd share those with you this week. You know, it's Friday, and we just want you to be able to waste as much of your work day as possible.

If you ever wondered what a "Sheep" mosh-pit would look like, wonder no more:

For our next offering, may we present you with the Metallic Goats? You will never hear "Enter Sandman" the same way.

That's one impressive *ahem* rooster. That cock's a rocking!

Got any of your own favorites that you'd like to share? Feel free to send us some!

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