Don't worry, it's only a test.

Emergency exercises are in progress today at Bangor International Airport, so if you see and hear various emergency vehicles with their lights flashing and sirens wailing in the Union Street and Odlin Road areas, it's only a drill.

Numerous crews from the airport along with local law enforcement and emergency agencies will all take part in today's Full Scale Emergency Exercise as required by the Federal Aviation Administration.  It's taking place today, Thursday, May 20th, until 1 p.m.

With the local airport in town being an International airport, of course it's good to plan for any sort of an emergency, as flights have been diverted here in the past because of things like mechanical failure and unruly passengers.

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It's also good to prepare for the worst, as many planes land here on a weekly basis, the National Guard is stationed here, and many gallons of jet fuel is stored in the area.

While the exercises are going on, there will be no planned disruption to flights that are coming and going, but passengers may get an eyeful of the response teams in action.

So when and if you see all of the commotion happening today in the areas surrounding the Bangor International Airport, don't let all of the goings on worry or concern you, as it should create the opposite, and give one a feeling of security that both airport and local response teams are learning and getting the gig done right in preparing for an emergency.

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