Folks who travel along Stillwater and Hogan Road should prepare for delays next week, as crews will be working to mill the road in that area.

Starting Sunday evening, the project, which is slated to last till Wednesday August 4th, with be taking place in the evening and over night hours, from 6PM to 7AM.

City Officials posted some details on the City Hall Facebook Page this week:

This is one of several projects being worked on along Bangor roads in the coming days.

As we mentioned in another article this week, there's also a stretch of State Street and Hancock Street that will closed this weekend as work is completed in that spot, too.

The traffic pattern by the Cross Insurance Center will be modified at bit at the end of next week, as the Bangor State Fair opens for a condensed run between Thursday August 4th and Sunday August 9th. Lot C will be closed to traffic, and all vehicles will be made to enter the Fairground from the Buck Street entrance. More details about that can be found here.

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With that in mind, we know how much of a pain in the rear rerouting, detours and delays can be. Just remember to be patient. In the end, this all leads to safer roadways and better travel for everyone. Keep the big picture as your perspective and realize the crews are just out there doing their jobs. If you plan ahead, to leave some extra time to navigate around these spots, you should be able to avoid being too late to wherever you're heading.

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