Rotary or Roundabout? No mater what you call them the Maine DOT was kind enough to remind us that it is National Roundabout Week. And good news for you there are many places right here in Bangor to celebrate of sorts.

As far as I have ever heard in the states we call them rotaries and only when I have traveled abroad did I hear them referred to as roundabouts. Still, no matter what you call them they do save time, money, gasoline and according to the DOT they are safer and save live too.  Sweet!

Several roundabouts have been located near where I live for some time now and I am still amazed by the number of folks who still seem a bit baffled by the things.  The most common mistake I see these days are the people who want to treat it like a four way stop. Hey no little old 'Yield' sign is going to make them charge on into an empty rotary when they feel a "Stop' is in order. You'll be glad to know I resist the urge to beep my horn and instead just choose to grumble to myself. And at least I haven't seen the kind of action you'll see below from Augusta so there is hope we are catching on. Regardless, Happy Roundabout Week and keep on truckin'.

This is the Maine DOT set of instructions in case you know any one who need them.

Maine DOT
Maine DOT

And what not to do. Apparently the arrows on the pavement were too vague.

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