Last week, Cori and I were wondering who your at-home work helpers were. Was it one of your kids? Was it a pet? Or even a pet rock? Well, you guys did not disappoint in your entries. We got a bunch of entries, and picked one at random. And the winner is...Betsy Migliore of Brewer, and she just won a $250 e-gift card to Amazon!

Check out this awesome photo of Betsy's bestie, Daisy!

Betsy Migliore
Betsy Migliore

I think we all feel like Daisy these days. I know I spend half the day wishing I could take a nap on my computer instead of working at it. And of course, thanks to everyone who entered, especially for helping us feel like we were doing something extra fun while we're working from home.

And Betsy, I'd tell you not to spend all the money in one place, but since it only goes to one place, have at it!!

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