New studies are showing more and more of us can't unplug, even if we want to.

Just the other day I was talking to friends about how it seems that I never really have a day off. With email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all loaded to my phone, it seems like I can't go a few hours without responding to work or DJing related messages, texts or emails. With technology constantly in our pockets or at our fingertips, we've created the expectation that we will respond to everything with no delay.

The average smartphone user checks their device about 150 times per-day! That's once every six minutes. Government data from 2011 also shows 35% of us work on weekends. Those who do average about five extra hours of work that goes uncompensated.

Being glued to your phone or computer has been linked with an laundry list of health problems. Most common are stress, sleep disorders and depression. You SMARTphone can even make you dumb! A study found students that are interrupted by technology test 20% lower on standardized tests.

People realize they need a little 'digital detox' in their lives. Software company 'Freedom' has developed software that blocks the user from the internet. You can set when and how long you want to be offline.

Experts also add that if we don't unplug our brain can't truly rest. In extreme cases memory loss and hallucinations can occur. Most of us who can't unplug deprive our brain of the rest that promotes creativity.

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