Tonight’s mystery artist s once told a concert audience that if they didn’t like the song they were about to play they would never play it again. Can you guess the band or where they might have been playing??

I found this bit of sensitivity in an early interview with Bono. He wanted his music to be more than what John Lennon called wallpaper. With that thought he wrote 'Bloody Sunday' about the tragedies of the Bogside Massacre in Northern Ireland when a civil rights group had 13 members killed  during a protest by soldiers.  Because of this he then realized when it came time to perform the song how difficult it might be to those who lived through it all to hear it retold. So before the song began he gave the Irish crowd that promise that if they didn’t like the song U2 would never play it again.  At the end of the song the crowd brought the house down with approval and the rest is history.

Here they are with another non-wallpaper tune as tonight’s featured song.

Here is the interview:

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