Tonight’s mystery artist was once told his guitar playing sounded like bagpipes. Any guess who he might be or who he plays with??

I found this odd statement on Wikipedia and even the guy it was about, Mike Campbell of the Heartbreakers confesses he has no idea what it means, According to Guitar World, Mike avoids being a virtuoso and that he never wastes a note. They also call Mike a highly melodic player referring to the fact that much of the time he plays three strings at once. As for Mike’s opinion of himself he said:

"I don't think people can really top Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton as far as lead guitar goes. I like my playing to bring out the songs. People have told me that my playing sounds like bagpipes," he mused. "I'm not exactly sure what that means."

Honestly, neither do we. And you should know if you are a lover of everything Tom Petty you have Mike to thank at least in part. During Mike’s career he co-produced the Heartbreakers albums; Southern Accents, Pack Up The Plantation Live, Let Me Up, I’ve Had Enough, Into the Great Wide Open, She’s The One, Echo, The Last DJ, The Live Anthology, and Mojo, as well as the Petty solo albums Full Moon Fever, Wildflowers and Highway Companion.

Tonight's featured song:

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