Tonight’s mystery artist when staying in a hotel will opt to sleep on the floor. Can you guess who our quasi-camper might be??

I found this confession in a recent article between Rolling Stone and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons. Nice interview given thanks to his unexpected down time due to Dusty’s “Tummy Ailment’.  So why does he sleep on the floor?  According to Billy:

These days, they make these mattresses so soft and squishy, and it can be a bit unnerving if you are looking for something trustable. Throwing a pallet on the floor for me is just that. I make sure to make friends with housekeeping. They find it unusual that I ask for half a dozen extra comforters and half a dozen extra pillows and a blanket on top.

Interesting guy. He is planning a solo tour in the near future. See the rest of the article here while you enjoy tonight’s featured song.

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