Tonight’s mystery artists have a hit song that was actually made up of bits of real conversations with manipulative record execs.  The other thing that makes this song different from the rest of the album it is on is the oddity that it is sung by a guest vocalist.  Think you know the song or band??

I have several versions of this story but most of it comes from about the Pink Floyd song ‘Have A Cigar’ written by Roger Waters. Rodger tells how the record execs tasked with finding and developing new talent were a bit greasy and that money was their biggest concern. He tells how they were courting the band he gleaned many of the lyrics in ‘Have A Cigar’ from those conversations. The song is a kind of satirical poke at them.  As for the singer Roger and band mate David Gilmore were at odds on whose versions was better so in the end they hires Roy Harper to be the lead singer for just that song.

Here is tonight's featured song.